30 March 2011

Eritrean Sports Federation in North America (ERSFNA)

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ersfnasmAbout ERSFNA

The Eritrean Sports Federation in North America (ERSFNA), established in 1986, is an independent, free of political and religious affiliation, Virginia based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. ERSFNA’s mission is to promote and facilitate the development of amateur sports and cultural events within the Eritrean and Eritrean-American communities in North America through participation in athletic competition. The organization's vision is to provide an environment that nurtures Eritrean rich culture and heritage, based on the love of sports and friendly athletic competitions.

In 1986 ERSFNA held its first soccer tournament with five (5) teams in Atlanta, GA.  Despite its small size, the tournament was very competitive and set precedent for future tournaments.   Since its inception, in addition to flourishing adults’ soccer and basketball programs, ERSFNA has successfully created youth soccer programs in the pilot cities of Atlanta, Dallas, Minneapolis/St Paul, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle and the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area. One of the many future goals for the organization is to expand this successful program to more cities in North America.

Vision Statement

It is the vision of the Eritrean Sports Federation in North America to provide an environment that nurtures Eritrean culture based on the love of sports and friendly athletic competitions. Furthermore, ERSFNA will work to encourage participation of Eritrean youth in the development of sports based talent to reach the highest levels.

Mission Statement

The mission of the ERSFNA is to develop well-balanced, successful individuals through instruction of the technical, tactical, physical and psychological aspects of sports. These individuals will desire and become capable of making a real contribution throughout their lives, regardless of gender or physical abilities. It is ERSFNA’s hope that a large proportion of these individuals, with the proper guidance, will pursue their respective sport to the highest levels. ERSFNA is committed to providing participants with the opportunity to develop athletically and personally in a positive, supportive, and safe environment. ERSFNA is also committed to maintain a warm and caring relationship with the Eritrean/Eritrean-American communities in North America, regardless of their political or religious affiliation. ERSFNA is dedicated to maintain strategic relationships with Eritrean National Football Federation, United States Soccer Federation and other sports clubs and organizations for mutual growth and benefits.

ERI Sports News

runnerSource: Eritrea Profile Vol. 21 No. 10

The Eritrean National Team won gold medal and Samuel Tsegai seized the 2nd rank succeeding Kenyan Kamono in a half- marathon competition in Denmark on the 29th of March 2014.

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Iranian cyclist Mirsamad Pourseyedigolakhour won the Tour de Langkawi, which concluded in Kuala Terengganu on Malaysia's east coast on Saturday.

The little-known Tabriz Petrochemical Team rider triumphed with a time of 35 hours 7 minutes and 16 seconds.

Just eight seconds behind him in the overall standings was Eritrea's Merhawi Kudus of MTN - Qhubeku followed by Colombia's Isaac Bolivar of UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling.


MebBy Meb Kiflezghi

The Olympic stage is set for the world-class athletes to perform at their very best. The athletes and fans expect the athlete’s best during the Olympics. But without adequate training you cannot deliver, no matter how big the stage or the desire. As excited as I was to be on the Olympic team again, I didn’t train any different for this race than my other 26.2 races. The only difference is that it only comes every 4 years and the whole world is watching. But the distance is the same, and thus the preparation should be the same.